In addition to the FAQs listed below, please visit our Wigs 101 pages for addition product and wig information

How do I wash my wig? Both synthetic and Human hair wigs are washable we recommend following the manufacturers recommendations for care that accompany the product.   The overview of the process is listed below.

Washing: Cleanse wig in cool water with wig shampoo (rinse thoroughly in cool water); a wig conditioner can also be used-again using cool water & rinsing thoroughly. 
Drying: Gently blot excess water with towel (do not wring or twist). Shake wig vigorously and hang upside down to air-dry (usually overnight). Do not dry wig on head or stand, as this will stretch the cap. Do not brush wig when wet.
Setting (Optional): Use smooth magnetic type rollers with perm papers and dry at room temperature. 
WARNING: Avoid exposure to heat such as: blow dryers, curling irons, hot rollers, ovens, barbecue grills, and outdoor heat units that are used in cool weather conditions, etc. 

How long do wigs last? Depends on how often you wear the wig and how often you wash the wig. If you take care of your wig regularly the wig can last 4-9 months. 

Do you have any special wigs for people with medical hair loss or sensitive scalps? Generally, monofilament caps are softer and work best for those with medical needs the Amore and Fair Fashion collections were created for customers with hair loss and sensitive scalps. 

Should I wear a wig cap? Most people wear wig caps as it helps to keep the hair in place, but you should make the decision based on your comfort. 

Can I trim or modify my wig? Yes, wigs can be trimmed or modified to suit your style.  We suggest you work with a wig specialist experienced with trimming wigs.  Please understand we do not accept returns on wigs that were trimmed, modified, or worn (see our return policy for more detail).   

How do I know my order was placed? We will automatically send an order confirmation email to your registered email address. If you have not received any confirmation email, please contact us for assistance. You may also want to check your spam folder. 

What payment methods are accepted? We accept PayPal and credit & debit card payments. 

What is the delivery time? Most orders processed and shipped the next day and delivery time is based on delivery typed selected 

Do you offer expedited shipping? Yes, we offer expedited shipping, and you can choose this option at your payment checkout. 

Do I get a tracking number for my package? Yes, we will send you a delivery confirmation email with tracking number provided.  

Do you ship internationally?  We only ship within the United States